President’s Message (November 1, 2015)

Welcome to the ISPCOP website and thank you for your interest! As incoming president of the society serving you for the next 2 years, it is important to reflect on the achievements to date and set a course for the future.

First and foremost I would like to thank our dedicated and outgoing president Dr. Stephanie Jones for her tremendous contributions and leadership during her time of service. Notably ISPCOP has strengthened relationships with ESPCOP and SOBA, and we are now sharing a combined newsletter informing the membership about ongoing meetings and events related to the field of anesthesia for patients with obesity. Reciprocal member benefits include reduced fees at meetings and shared member-only web content. For a second year in a row, ISPCOP will provide a collaborative surgery and anesthesia track at Obesity Week Nov 2 – 6, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. ISPCOP members were represented again at the 2015 IARS Annual Meeting, and a panel as well as a PBLD on behalf of our society has been accepted for the 2016 IARS program to be held in San Francisco, May 21 – 24. This year’s 4th annual ISPCOP Symposium at the ASA annual meeting in San Diego was the society’s largest meeting yet with an exciting program that again provided CME credits for over 50 attendees. For the third time, abstracts were presented in poster format and the top 3 entries as judged by a panel of the meeting organizers gave short oral presentations. More about the symposium can be found in the ISPCOP News and Meeting sections. Lastly, ISPCOP has now engaged with the ASA to become an affiliate society which would provide additional benefits to ISPCOP and its members. These important developments would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Dr. Jones. Thank you Stephanie! I am delighted to know that Dr. Jones will remain a strong part of the ISPCOP leadership team continuing as treasurer and immediate past president.

Going forward, ISPCOP aims to expand on these past successes and become an ASA affiliate member in the near future. The plans for the obesity “track” at the 2016 World Congress in Hong Kong, jointly sponsored by ISPCOP, ESPCOP, SOBA and SASM, are currently being finalized. Additional collaborative opportunities for ISCOP and its members such as participation in the Obesity Summit and internationally at IFSO will be discussed by the leadership team as they arise. At a time when concepts such as ERAS for bariatric surgery and low opioid or opioid free anesthesia and analgesia are being increasingly discussed, it is clear that insights from the perioperative care of the obese patient may have much broader applicability. This is an exciting moment to be part of such developments as a member of ISPCOP and I encourage you to join and attend our 2016 Symposium at the ASA annual meeting.

Please consider active membership in ISPCOP. Take the opportunity to write a column for Bariatric Times, advance academically by contributions to ISPCOP and consider a panel proposal to the ASA on behalf of the society. Become engaged, run for an at-large Board of Director position in the next election cycle. ISPCOP is always looking for members interested in research and writing, and we will continue to have research abstract presentations at our annual Symposium. Watch for the call for abstracts later in 2016 and consider a submission.

Finally a thank you to the ISPCOP leadership group for their past, present and continued support to help the society grow.

Best Regards,
Roman Schumann, MD
President, ISPCOP