6th Annual Symposium of the International Society for the Perioperative Care of the Obese Patient (ISPCOP), Boston, October 23, 2017

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"Perioperative Obesity – What’s New, What’s Next in 2017":
Another Great Success!

The 6th Annual Symposium was held in the historical City of Boston as a satellite program of Anesthesiology 2017 -the annual scientific meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Four International Invited Speakers presented an eclectic and sometimes controversial raft of topics and the top three abstracts out of a total of 14 successful posters were presented.

Photo 1: Invited Speakers Professors Vaughns, Brodsky and Hung with Immediate Past President: Roman Schumann, Symposium Chair: Adrian Sultana and President–Elect Anu Wadhwa

Prof. Roman Schumann, (immediate past president of ISPCOP and Professor of Anesthesiology at Tufts University School of Medicine at Tufts Medical Center) welcomed the attendees to the meeting and his home city.

Dr. Adrian Sultana, Program Chair and secretary of ISPCOP (UNSW Sydney, Australia) introduced the symposium and the speakers to the podium.

Professor Orland Hung, from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada kicked off the meeting with a presentation on Clinical And Ultrasound Assessment Of The Morbidly Obese Airway, he not only gave an elegant summary of the world literature but presented his unit’s original research that allowed the audience to formulate strategies that allow successful management of even the most difficult of obese airways.

Next, Professor Jay Brodsky, who really needed no introduction was introduced as “one of the top three airway gurus in the world”. His talk on “SGAs in Morbid Obesity” gave an elegant and cautionary expose’ of how the clinical use of supraglottic airways needs to be tempered above all with considerations of safety.

This segment of the program generated a healthy Q&A session with various sections of the audience and the panel, but had to be moved on when time constraints intervened.

The third speaker was Professor Janelle Vaughns (Children’s National Hospital Washington DC) who based on her original research and unique role in directing a pediatric (adolescent) bariatric anesthesia unit gave a rare insight into the increasingly common problem of childhood obesity and particularly drug dosing in this highly specialized group of patients.

Photo 2: Poster Session

These three presentations were followed by the scientific abstract session. This part of the program included the review of 14 scientific posters, and the opportunity to meet with our industry supporters:

  • Ambu: Silver Sponsor
  • Deltex Medica
  • Getinge
  • Pacira Pharmaceuticals
  • Respiratory Motion

Dr. Rainer Lenhardt (Member At Large: Board of Directors) introduced the top 3 scientific abstracts as had been adjudged by the ISPCOP board.

Each winner presented a five-minute summary of findings followed by a brief Q&A session.

Photo 3: from Left to Right abstract winners and a representation of the ISCPOP board for 2017: Drs. Nafiu (VP Research), Eipe (VP Education), Moon, Jones, Sultana, Schumann and Falcao’ (incoming newsletter Editor)

The Canadian domination of this competition was unbroken, in fact first prize went to the University of Ottawa group “Does Intraperitoneal Local Anesthetic Improve Outcomes In Bariatric Surgery: An ERABS RCT” by Dr Robert Wu et al presented by Dr Naveen Eipe.

Second was an elegant retrospective study “Laryngeal Mask Airway Vs. Endotracheal Tube For Airway Management During General Anesthesia In Severely Obese Children” from the University Of Michigan presented by Dr Olubukola Olugbenga Nafiu. And third was “Factors for Predicting Problematic Intubation in the Morbidly Obese by Gonzales et al from Southwestern University Texas presented by Dr. Stephanie Moon.

A formal presentation of cash prizes followed.

Photo 4: Professor Marcelo Gama de Abreu

Finally the keynote lecture of the symposium: “Ventilation in Obese Patients: Physiological Rationale, Clinical and Trial Evidence Up-Date” was delivered by Professor Marcelo Gama de Abreu, from the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, in Dresden, Germany. The ISPCOP board was very fortunate to attract Marcelo, who apart from being a leading researcher and academic in the field of pulmonary critical care is an academic biomedical engineer, he gave a very comprehensive review of this ever changing field and gave precise guidelines on the settings that we all should aim for to prevent atelectasis, barotrauma and volutrauma in our vulnerable population.

As program chair, I would like to thank all ISPCOP office bearers, members, organizers and attendees that helped make this meeting an outstanding success. Particular thanks go to:

  • Immediate Past President Dr Roman Schumann for his steady hand and indefatigable stamina.
  • Dr Rainer Lenhardt and the University of Louisville Kentucky who again handled the CME aspects of the meeting.
  • Dr Patrick Zieman-Gimmel who even in his absence had an important role in organizing the venue, catering and also liaising with sponsors.

We also would like to extend our gratitude to Ambu, Deltex Medica, Pacira, Getinge Group and Respiratory Motion for their sponsorship and Laura Landes from UOL, Kentucky for coordinating their input.

This symposium would not have been possible without industry support.

A reminder here for all attendees to complete your evaluation and claim your CME at http://bit.ly/cmecert. Enter activity code 1276396.

See you in San Francisco for the 7th Symposium, which promises to be truly...big!