WCA 2012

World Congress of Anesthesiologists 2012
March 25th to 30th
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Full Day Session

Morbid Obesity, Perioperative Care

President & Chairman: Dr. Adrian Alvarez, HIBA. Argentina

Session A

Cardiac - Physiology Donald Bernstein - Stanford University, USA
Pulmonary - Physiology Roman Schumann - Tufts University, Massachusetts, USA
Metabolic - Physiology Patrick Neligan - National University of Ireland, UK
Risk Assessment, Preoperative Optimization Jan Mulier, Belgium

Session B

Monitoring and Positioning Jay Brodsky - Stanford University, USA
Ventilation Juraj Sprung - Mayo Clinic Rochester, USA
Airway Management Jeremy Collins - Stanford University, USA
Anesthetic Techniques and Pharmacology Hendrikus Lemmens - Stanford University, USA

Session C

Pain Management Mike Margarson - Chicester, UK
PACU - Management of Surgical Complications [including rhabdomyolysis] Daniel Jones - Harvard Medical School, USA
PACU - Management of Anesthetic Complications Stephanie Jones - Harvard Medical School, USA
Management of the Obese Parturient Yigal Leykin - Pordenone, Italy

WCA 2012 Promotion

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Photos from WCA 2012

Roman Schumann

Adrian Alvarez

Jan Mulier, ADrian Alvarez, Anu Wadhwa, Roman Schumann

Yigal Lekin, Adrian, Ashish Sinha, Jones, Stephanie Jones